Any System in a Storm

In my previous post about networking, I mentioned that you should have a system to track the details of those in your network (and I mean that in the non-creepy-stalker way).  Nerds, er, technically minded people like myself have a real problem with this.  We spend such a long time planning, testing, reviewing, building, etc, etc the perfect system to keep track of those details, that we never actually get around to doing the networking.

Here’s my advice (with original attribution to my lovely wife): Just do something. Don’t worry about it being perfect.

No matter how much time you spend evaluating/building the perfect system, it just won’t be perfect.  It can’t be.  Until you actually start doing the networking, you won’t know what you need.  And guess what?

Most of what you need can be done with a simple spreadsheet and word processor.

I have my tools set up in Google Docs/Spreadsheets, but whether you use that, or, or the omnipresent Microsoft Office suite, you can pretty much do anything you need in less than an hour.

So, get busy on doing your networking!

If you would like a copy of the files that I use, just drop me a quick email message at


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