The Golden Rule in Networking

If you think about it, good networking really comes down to the Golden Rule (you know, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”). If you are contemplating doing something in a networking venue, how would you feel to have that same thing done unto you?

Would you like to have a business card shoved in your face? Do you like to be “sold” to? Do you want someone looking over your shoulder to see if a better conversational partner has walked in?


Would you like to be remembered on your birthday? Should people do what they said they will? Would you enjoy having clients referred to you — clients who actually fit in your target market?

As a great networker, it’s up to you to exemplify the behavior you want to see in the members of your network. Then let them turn around and mirror that behavior right back at you.

Photo credit: Bartek Ambrozik


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Greg Peters, president and founder of The Reluctant Networker, LLC, is a business networking specialist. He works with trade associations on both the local and national level to create a culture of better connections and greater opportunity. Find out more at or

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