Leaving a Message

Just a quick one today.

You know how sometimes when you are making your networking calls, you occasionally might end up talking to a machine?

OK, first. Leave a message. They know you called. Almost everyone has some sort of caller ID which will show that you did call. If you don’t leave a message, they won’t know if it’s an emergency or not. I mean they’ll probably know it’s not an emergency, but just do them a favor and tell them so.

Second. Leave your number. Twice. Leave it once at the beginning of the message and then once more at the end. At the very least, leave it at the beginning. That way, when they try to write it down, they don’t have to wait through the entire message a second time to make sure that they got it right.

Just a couple of ideas that will hopefully make the calling process a little more productive. I’m not saying that leaving your number twice is going to make the difference in whether you get that referral or not, but it might make the difference in whether they call you back at all.

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