Good News, Bad News

This path goes on forever

First the good news.

If we want to build a powerful network, we can. There are systems and techniques galore to help us succeed. We can attend the events, make the calls, meet for coffees, send the notes, pass the referrals, and, in general, keep an eye out for the people in our network. In return we will build that web of interconnecting relationships which will allow us to succeed in our lives both personally and professionally.

Now for the bad news.

It never ends.

Anyone who wants to become a good networker has to realize that creating a strong network is a journey, not a destination. This means that all of those activities I mentioned? They have to continue for as long as we want to have our connections. By choosing this path, we are choosing a fundamental change in our lives for the long term. As long as we are comfortable with that, we can continue to succeed.

Photo credit: Patrice Dufour


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Greg Peters, president and founder of The Reluctant Networker, LLC, is a business networking specialist. He works with trade associations on both the local and national level to create a culture of better connections and greater opportunity. Find out more at or

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