Haven’t I Seen You Everywhere Before?

One more reason to focus

I’ve always taught that you need to focus your networking efforts in order to limit the number of venues that you attend. We all only have so much time in our lives. We can’t spend it running from event to event trying to drum up more business.

Or even just form more relationships.

In her talk at LA2M last week, my good friend Josephine Nicholas gave another reason:

It makes you look bad.

If you are spending all of your time networking at events — to the point that people see you every time they walk into a room with a buffet lunch — people are going to begin to wonder when you have time for the work that they might have sent your way. After all, how good can you be if you are never back at the office working?

Apparently, avoiding the appearance of failure is just one more benefit to keeping your networking focused.

Photo credit: Thomas Ricks


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