Below are a few articles about the techniques, tips, and theory of good networking practice. Feel free to reprint in your blog, newsletter, or mailing list. We only ask that you use proper attribution and link back to this site.

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  • 5 Don’t’s for Good Group Membership
    I’ve always said that good networkers almost have to have a split personality. On the one hand, they need to know what they do and who their customer is. They then choose their networking in order to put themselves in contact with either that target market or with those who serve that market (and would ...
  • Before, During, and After: Networking the Event
    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it hundreds of times: The best way to grow your business is through the power of networking or word of mouth. Of course, whoever is saying this never follows up with exactly why that is or how to do it. Especially confusing to many is how to make ...