Coaching Assessment

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    What line of work are you in or do you hope to pursue?

    What is the number one reason you want to improve your networking?

    Please give some details about this reason.

    What are your five-year goals in your professional life?

    What are your five-year goals in your personal life?


    How many are in your network right now?

    How pleased are you with the results have you seen so far?

    What was the last referral/lead/introduction you received?


    Who is your target market?

    What groups do you belong to right now?

    How regularly do you attend the events for these groups?

    What results have you seen from these groups?

    Event Attendance

    What tools are in your networking toolkit? (physical, mental, information)

    Do you have an “elevator pitch”?

    Do you use it?

    How comfortable are you striking up conversations with strangers?

    What makes you uncomfortable about attending events?


    Other than your own, how many business cards are on your desk right now?

    What follow-up tools/techniques are you using?

    Do you use some sort of CRM tool? Which one?

    What percent of the people you meet at events do you follow-up with?

    What makes you uncomfortable about following up?

    Referrals and Recommendations

    What are the best referrals you’ve received from your network?

    How comfortable are you answering the question “How can I help you?”

    Do you have a system for following up on referrals?

    How do you recognize and reward your referral partners? (all that apply)