Special Gifts for the Livonia Junior Chamber Meeting

LivJC-logoThank you to all who attended the “Fundamentals of Networking” session at the Livonia Junior Chamber monthly meeting. I had a great time working with you, sharing some of the techniques for a good networking practice. To show my appreciation here are a few free gifts.

Audio Copy of Presentation

The first is the audio recording of the first workshop. You can either listen on the Flash-based player below or download the MP3 file to play on the audio player of your choice.

Audio program download (MP3 35.9 MB)

Video of Presentation

Thanks to Mike Shuster of mike shuster photography we also have a fantastic video of the session. You can check it out here.


The next is a set of PDF copies of the handouts from today. I hope you find them of use in developing your future connections.

Benefits and Toolkit (PDF 54.64 KB)
Connecting Conversations (PDF 52.28 KB)
INFER Worksheet (PDF 52.03 KB)

Audio Download

The next gift is a free MP3 download of the “Follow-Up” section of “Connections Quick Tips, Vol 1” CD. I hope you can listen to it the next time you are heading out to a networking event and it helps to bring you better results in your long-term efforts.

Download (MP3 15.7M)

CD Set Discount

Finally, for those who want a copy of “Calm, Cool, and Connected at the Networking Event” (the CD set I raffled off at the end of th program), I’ve set up a $70 discount (good on either the MP3 download or the full CD set). Just go to the store, select either the MP3 download or the full CD program and at checkout, use the code “LIVJC-2014”. The discount code is valid through January 31, 2014 February 28, 2014.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at 734-545-8788 or gpeters@thereluctantnetworker.com.

Thank you again for your time and participation!

Greg Peters, January 21, 2014