One-to-One Coaching

Each client who comes to us has his or her personal challenges in the practice of networking. Maybe you:

  • Need to start with the basics of how to focus your efforts.
  • Get cold shivers just thinking about attending a networking event.
  • Need help developing systems to support their connections after the first “Hello”.
  • You’re doing all the networking in the world, but you just aren’t getting the results you want.

After an initial assessment, I work with you to develop a customized training course which meets your exact needs. Through introduction of specific topics, tactics, and techniques and exercises designed to practice these concepts you will transform yourself from “reluctant networker” to “confident connector”.

Listen, I know it’s not you, but maybe you have “a friend” who’s a reluctant networker. Please have them contact us at 734-545-8788 to schedule a free introductory coaching session.