Greg Peters, Networking Speaker — Testimonial by Shelagh Saenz

Greg Peters, The Reluctant Networker, makes networking approachable and fun. We hired him to present a program to our students at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Networking skills is essential to the success of our students in the job market.

Many networking experts focus on developing relationships as a means of growing a business — a tact which wouldn’t mean much to our students. Greg, however, took the time to customize the presentation to focus specifically on situations which had real-world application to the participants. Between that, his clear explanations of the material, and several opportunities to practice the techniques with each other, the students remained focused and engaged the entire time. Many of them also stayed afterward to ask further questions.

While it’s too early to tell the long-term results of the program, from all the feedback we’ve received, both through formal evaluation and “hallway” conversations with the students, the response was tremendously positive. They loved it! More than that, Greg has reported to me that several of the participants are already trying to bring him in to speak to the various student groups they belong to. I sincerely hope they are successful in doing so. Networking is a skill that will have a tremendous impact on their lives and Greg Peters is the one to teach it!

Shelagh SaenzDirector of Career DevelopmentUniversity of Michigan School of Public Health

About Greg Peters

Greg Peters, president and founder of The Reluctant Networker, LLC, is a business networking specialist. He works with trade associations on both the local and national level to create a culture of better connections and greater opportunity. Find out more at or

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