We all know that networking -- or word-of-mouth -- is one of the best ways to grow a business. But what if you don't know where to start?

We can help.

When our clients come to us they are often experiencing many of the symptoms of networking reluctance. They:

  • Panic about attending networking events.
  • Hate to "sell" themselves.
  • Drop the ball on following up after an event.
  • Feel like networking is a waste of time.

With a little bit of coaching and a few tools, our clients tell us that they've not only been able to achieve the goals they set for their networking practice, but they also feel better about being a networker.

If you know someone who could use our help, please call (734)975-1921 or email gpeters@thereluctantnetworker.com

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Weekly Networking Tune-Up

Sometimes you just want a little tweak to make your networking work just a little better. If that sounds good to you, check out our no charge "52 Networking Tips" audio coaching course.

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