Greg’s Workshops

Elevate professional relationships and
improve business outcomes

Greg’s Workshops focus on encouraging and energizing your audience by showing them how to leverage their own unique personal psychology while giving them actionable ideas that will make them better networkers.

Develop Networking Skills That:

  • Understand and address the diverse needs of your attendees.
  • Engage, persuade and connect
  • Elevate your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
  • Understand your value and confidently express it.

Offering both in person and virtual options on both the keynotes and workshops.

Workshop descriptions are below.

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What Greg’s Clients Are Saying

Testimonials From Actual Clients

Matt Aldrich

Greg was one of the best speakers our group has had this year! He’s highly engaging, likable, and personable! He has a way of connecting with the audience smoothly and simply that doesn’t feel forced, awkward, or off putting. Loved his presentation on networking and we would be grateful to have him speak again in the future!

Alyssa Waring

I had the privilege of attending one of Greg’s sessions at one of our Association events. His professionalism shined from the instant I met him. Our group was laughing, conversing and building relationships just minutes into the presentation. Many participants stayed after the meeting networking as a result of the seed he was able to plant upon them. It is obvious that the lessons Greg brought to our group will stay at the forefront of their personal and professional life, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to witness his magic!

John Lynn

As a professional speaker and networker, Greg has given good advice on how to be more proactive in the speaking profession to maximize my potential and ultimate success. I do not give this recommendation reluctantly.

George Scott MBA

I had the good fortune of attending one of Greg’s networking seminars as part of the Michigan Shifting Gears program. Whenever I attend such seminars, I hope to have at least one “golden nugget” takeaway. Regarding business networking, Greg’s highly enlightening and engaging session allowed me walk away with a wheelbarrow full of golden nuggets. His common sense suggestions can be easily implemented. I strongly recommend Greg’s effectively interactive training style.

Rock-solid Relationship Building for Professional Success

The stock in trade for a powerful network is in building strong relationships, making strategic connections, and forming professional friendships. Only through them do you gain access to the ideas, resources, and referrals that will bring you the success and significance you want in your life. Just showing up at the event isn’t enough. In this program, Greg teaches attendees more than just a few networking tricks. He explains the full process to go from a “Hello” at a business gathering to a long-term, productive, and profitable network.

You will learn how to:

  • Bridge the status gap and connect with anyone despite differences in age, social status, or gender.
  • Create connections using cues to control the conversation.
  • Keep track of your network using spreadsheets, CRMs, and social media.
  • Make the follow-up an excuse for long-term connection.

Have Greg either on site or virtually for these programs!

Have Greg either on site or virtually for these programs!

Mindset, Focus, and Results: Finding Success at the Networking Event

Some of the best and most profitable connections you will make start with “Hello” at the networking event. Whether you are attending the Chamber lunch, your professional association’s annual conference, or even a backyard barbecue, the opportunities are there, if you are ready. The challenge most people face is that they don’t have a plan going in and, as a result, walk out after an hour or more wondering why they wasted their time. Join Greg as he lays out a roadmap to your success in navigating any networking gathering. It’s more than just tips. It’s mindset, focus, and results.

You will learn how to:

  • Adopt an approachable and confident networking mindset.
  • Create connection through conversation (with anyone!).
  • Get the results you want through event goal-setting.
  • Focus your efforts, before, during, and after the event.

Influence, Ideas, and Income: The Results You Want from Your Networking

What do you want from your network? Do you want sales? Best practices for your business? The opportunity to shape your community or the world? Now for the important question…

Are you getting it?

You’ve put in a lot of work to build the powerful connections you need to be successful. The challenge is to call upon those relationships to build the life of your dreams. The obstacle most people face is they are uncomfortable asking for help or they are afraid they are imposing and might damage the relationship. Join Greg as he helps you map a clear path from defining specifically what you need to knowing who you can ask, and, finally, how to make those requests without harming the connection. In fact, performed properly, the process should strengthen the relationship and attract more results in the future.

You will learn how to:

  • Tell referral sources exactly what you want.
  • Measure the strength of a relationship objectively.
  • Identify your best referral partners.
  • Ask for referrals without begging or imposing.

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