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Expert Business Networking Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Author commonly known as The Reluctant Networker

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Greg is a networking expert who helps people look at the power of connecting in a Whole New Light.

The best way to have successful events and better networking is to CREATE better networkers!

Greg is a professional conference & keynote speaker with vast experience presenting about networking and personal brand. His natural speaking style immediately engages people at every level and puts them at their ease. Greg’s actionable, practical networking skills and strategies help your attendees based on their own personal psychology and building on their existing skills. Greg teaches a networking strategy, not networking tips. Your attendees and business professionals will walk away with simple but powerful networking insights, and strategies.

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Greg’s strategies help networkers struggling to stand out in our crowded, distracted world. Your audience will learn, laugh, and leave with ideas they can implement right away.


Professional networking is about having both the confidence to know who you are, what you want & how to maximize your chances of achieving success. Greg’s customized workshops shows people how to achieve this and more!

Virtual Solutions

Customized virtual keynotes and workshops help your organization grow and be more successful by showing you how to leverage networking to make connections, market themselves and make more sales.

What Greg’s Clients Are Saying

Testimonials From Actual Clients

Mark Cory

Many of the attendees of ExecuNet meetings, despite years in their industries, feel awkward and uncomfortable with the process of networking. I brought Greg in to teach them some simple techniques and tips to help them get out of their own way. His interactive program let the participants work with each other to practice specific techniques. I am very pleased with the results of the program. I received excellent feedback from the group. Many said they were looking forward to applying their new skills to their job search. If you want to inspire your organization, bring Greg in as a speaker or trainer. You won’t be disappointed!

Jana Warford

As the Executive Director of the Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce, our annual survey has shown that one of the biggest issues facing our members are getting more out of their established networks. Greg’s “Asking for the Referral” program seemed an ideal fit. The attendees appreciated his approach to the whole process. In addition to his great content, Greg’s presentation kept everyone focused and entertained. One of our non-profit members even claimed to have started using Greg’s techniques as soon as she returned to the office and had already seen positive results. Without reservation, I would recommend Greg as a keynote speaker, workshop leader, or staff trainer for any organization or business.

Karen Gutman

We work with a variety of job seekers at JVS. Many are insecure about the transition process. When it comes to connecting with others, they fear that their desperation in job seeking will make them undesirable as a networking connection. Through the course of three training sessions, Greg provided solid tools for confident networking. He also inspired us by sharing his own challenges with learning how to connect. Most are now actually excited to try out their new skills at upcoming events. If you are considering a training program about networking for your business or organization, call Greg. The concepts he brings to the table will completely change your views on networking for success.

John Newman

Shifting Gears is a program which helps professionals to transition into new employment opportunities. One of the big challenges our participants face is a lack of skill and confidence in networking, some to the point of actual panic. We are tremendously grateful to Greg for coming in to share his networking expertise with several of our cohorts. His approach is very skills oriented and particle. He teaches how to prepare for events, how to behave while there, and tools for proper follow-up. I would recommend Greg to any group whose members — job-seekers, entrepreneurs, or students — count on networking or word of mouth for future success.

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