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Hello and a Handshake

Is attending a networking event only marginally less painful than having oral surgery?

Does walking into a business gathering feel like you are walking into your first junior high school dance?

Do you worry that showing up for that business association lunch will be a complete waste of time?

Then this book is for you! For most entrepreneurs, networking and word of mouth do more than just contribute to the health of their bottom line. Without those long-term professional relationships, every goal and dream for their businesses is harder or even impossible to achieve. So why are those same entrepreneurs so reluctant to attend a networking event — the start of many powerful and profitable connections? Is it their mindset? Do they lack the techniques? Maybe they just need a system or two to get them pointed in the right direction. In this book, you will…

  • Learn how to get out of your own way by fighting the five Negative Networking Attitudes.
  • Improve your potential profit by selecting the right events and groups.
  • Create a networking toolkit that will have you walking through the door with confidence.
  • Position yourself to start connections with one easy technique.
  • Become more efficient and effective by following the timeline for attending the event.
  • Learn to maximize your networking time during special networking activities and games.
  • Avoid wasting your time and money in conversational pitfalls.
  • Learn how to take the first step and break the ice with strangers
  • Leave them wanting more (or just leave them) by breaking off the conversation gracefully.

Start looking forward to success at your next business gathering. It all starts with a hello and a handshake.

About the Author

Greg Peters

Have you ever felt a little “reluctant” when it comes to networking? Greg Peters understands. A computer programmer by training, he was the original reluctant networker. Through study, practice, and lots of trial and error, he has been able to transform himself into a true networking professional, using the skills he learned to build a thriving Web development business.

Now, as the founder of The Reluctant Networker, LLC, Greg coaches individuals, trains staff, and presents to associations and other groups on how to get past their reluctance and start building better connections and stronger networks. He is a past Chapter President of the National Speakers Association and the author of Hello and a Handshake: A Reluctant Networker’s Guide to Survival and Success at Your Next Business Gathering.

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