My wonderful, Cleveland student, Rick Adkins, Senior Oasis Advisor, asked a great question in our class just recently. “How do I get to have a second appointment with those people I have already met with once?” I think many of us struggle with that same thought, not knowing exactly how to proceed without feeling like we’re stalking!

Below are a couple thoughts to keep in mind to continue to stay in contact personally.

  1. At the first meeting use the GIFTS form (or for those who went through Certified Networker, the GAINS form, or INFER, if you attended one of the Reluctant Networker Programs) to determine some of the needs of this new person. Do they want to meet someone in your network or perhaps attend an event that you will be going to? Both of those are perfect reasons to be in this person’s presence again and because you are helping them, they will love being around you. By the way you can download the GIFTS form at the student section of the Connext Nation website.
  2. Before leaving the first meeting, determine in your mind what you think the next step should be in the relationship development with this person. Let them know what you are thinking, (unless it is that you never want to meet with them again!). Getting agreement on the next step takes the awkwardness away so that it’s not just you, but both of you wanting to see each other again.
  3. When you meet others, don’t forget this new person and the resources they bring to the table. While there be no reason for you to introduce this person to someone in your current network it goes without fail, that you will need to make that connection with a new someone that you meet next week! To start thinking in this manner, reserve time each week to review the people you have met with and then think even further about who would make a good connection for them. Before long it will just become second nature.

The above three steps can do so much in eliminating the stalking anxiety of trying to manufacture a reason to meet someone for a second time. The hard part is making the time to really listen and then to take action from what you’ve learned. But really, it is easier than trying to create a false reason for meeting!

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