What networking activity could you organize that would:

  1. Put you in contact with a select group of business leaders?
  2. Create connections between the members of your network?
  3. Give you regular access to some of the best business advise you could ask for?

If you are stumped by this one, it’s not surprising. Most solitary networkers and small business people don’t think of this activity. Most larger organizations couldn’t exist without it. Still stumped?

Start a Board of Advisors for yourself.

“Wait, just a minute,” I can hear you say, “I started my own business so I wouldn’t have to do what other people say!” I can hear some of the rest saying that you don’t even have a business. Why would you need a Board?

Here’s the thing. You are a tremendously smart and worldly person. You have the answers to a lot of your own problems. You do not, however, have the answers to all of your problems. Heck, you might not even be aware of some of your upcoming challenges until it’s too late. This is where that Board of Advisors comes in.

Did I emphasize “advisors” there? Why, yes, I did. They would be there to give you advice on your current and potential challenges. They might even provide accountability for those activities and goals you wish to pursue. They do not have the power to tell you to do anything. You can choose to ignore their advice (though that probably wouldn’t be a good idea).

OK, so it sounds like it might be something of value to you. Why would anyone want to be on this Board of yours anyway.  What’s in it for them?

We’ll cover that tomorrow.