Just a quick note today.

I was walking past my wife watching “Oprah” the other day and they were doing a show on happiness. At the point where I walked in the room, they had just asked the audience to choose from four different professions, which was the happiest: Clergy, firefighter, special education teacher, or travel agent. Of course, it was a trick question as, according to the research cited in the show, they were all among the happiest jobs, despite averaging less than $50K in salary.  What was the deciding factor?

They all interact with other people.

In fact, according to Oprah’s expert guest, Dan Buettner, the happiest jobs are those in which the person gets to have eight hours of social interactions.

Wait a minute. The best networking happens when we focus on developing relationships (which requires social interaction) and not on pursuing money (sales)? Is it any wonder that great networkers always seem to be in a good mood?

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons