There’s the old joke about the three most important qualities when buying a house — location, location, location. In a similar manner, there are three qualities you must have to be successful as a networker — curiosity, curiosity, curiosity.

I’m not talking about being curious about how the other person can help you, but rather a genuine interest and fascination with other people and how you can help them.This isn’t easy for all of us. Those of us who more analytic or data-oriented in nature or have a personality preference that focuses on the bottom line can see other people’s personality quirks and histories to be an irrelevant factor in achieving our ultimate goals.

It’s not until you take a step back to look at the bigger picture that you can see your long-term success in life is largely dependent on the relationships you form over time. You can’t form those connections without being curious about the people around you what they hope to achieve. Sometimes all you need to do is ask.

  • How did you start working at your company? What made you want to do that?
  • What are the challenges you and your company might be facing in the near future? How are you planning to deal with that?
  • What are you hoping to achieve? Who would you like to help? If everything goes as planned, what would be your legacy?
  • What are some of the goals you have outside your career? If you had one, what would be on your “bucket list”?

Curiosity may not have been so healthy for the proverbial cat, but without it, we’re a nice house in the wrong part of town. Be interested. Be fascinated. Be curious.

Be a networking success.

What do you like to find out about those around you? Their sign? Their marital status? Their net worth?

Photo by Wiki Commons user Coelacan~commonswiki