Matt Heinz over at “Matt on Marketing” has an awesome list of networking activities that you can do every day.

Now while all of his techniques are really great, the thing I like most about this post is the idea of a daily practice.  Great networking, as with most things, comes from consistency, not intensity.  Let’s face it, you wouldn’t save up brushing your teeth to do at the end of the week.  Nor should you attempt to do all of your networking in one day.

To that end, I recommend setting a specific schedule for yourself.  For example, choose three or four activities from Matt’s list and every day at 9am, that is what you will be doing.

Actually, let’s make it even easier.  Because getting into the habit right now is actually more important than the specific activities, just send out one email message a day at 9am (or whatever time works best for you).  Do that every day for three weeks and you not only will have sent out 21 email messages, but you will also have established a consistent habit for good networking.

So, which of Matt’s ideas are you going to try?