Sometimes the best way to give is just simply to acknowledge another person’s efforts, or accomplishments, or struggles.

The other morning I received a phone call from my dear friend Kristin Mead. She had read one of the posts from this blog and decided to give me a call just to say she liked it. She also hoped that I was going to eventually do something more with my efforts — maybe write a book or start doing presentations (which I do intend to do, by the way).
You can’t imagine what a lift that gave me for the rest of the day.
I think we often get caught up in the idea that “giving” has to be something really substantial — finding a job, giving a “signed contract” referral, giving a big donation. Sometimes, though, it’s just the little gestures that make all the difference in someones day.
Did you read that an acquaintance won an award? Drop them a congratulatory email. Did someone do something for you two years ago? I know you thanked them then, but let them know now that you never forgot. Is someone struggling with their business? Give them a quick call and let them know you’d be happy to help.
Spend a moment or two in your networking time each day to find one or two people whom you can acknowledge for their journey and the good they’ve spread along the way. You’ll find that two people will end up feeling good about themselves.