Every day I espouse the benefits of good networking — how providing value for others with no expectation of return eventually does provide a return. Still, I’m occasionally surprised when it happens to me.

A couple months ago I was chatting with my good friend Mike Wynn and he mentioned how much he was enjoying this blog. He told me that he and his partner Joe Marr, my first sales coach, had been recording short instructional sales messages for a local radio show, The Lucy Ann Lance Business Insider. He thought that the information I was providing in my blog would make a nice addition to the show.

He then went the extra step of making an introduction to Dean Erskine, Lucy Ann’s partner. Oh, and it wasn’t one of those simple “name and contact information” type intros. He went into great detail on why Dean and Lucy Ann should be interested in talking with me.

Long story short: Starting Monday, I will have a two-minute presentation that plays three times during the week each week. According to the information I received today, you can hear it at 8:50am and 10:50am on Mondays and at 9:50am on Thursdays on WLBY 1290AM. For those of you not in the Ann Arbor area, you can hear the show streamed on 1290wlby.com. You can also check out the archives on the show’s Web page.

Oh, and if you get a chance you should definitely meet Mike Wynn. He is a fun guy and really knows how to network. Did I mention he also connected me with my first client for The Reluctant Networker?

I seriously owe him lunch!