So many people are afraid to forge ahead and create a solid working referral relationship because they might not be able to honor the commitments they have made. Instead they continue to wander around out there in meeting people, but not taking the connections to higher levels. In this comfort zone, they don’t have to make commitments.

The loss is that they spend an inordinate amount of time getting nowhere. And they develop opinions that networking doesn’t work!

If, instead they target one or two people that they can really get to know, it won’t be so difficult to keep those promises. That additional level of relationship means that more time has been spent. The more time spent usually means getting to know exactly what that person needs. It’s an infinite loop.

Recently in one of my classes we did the exercise to figure out the referral potential of just four people in their network. I asked the students to name four people that have given them referrals in the last year. One student happened to identify me but it was rather embarrassing to find out that I had given only two referrals. I realized that while I knew this person fairly well, I had not taken to opportunity to really get to know how I could help and in what way. Sometime it takes getting a little embarrassed or shamed to get pushed into action!

What’s holding you back? Take charge today and identify one person that could be a wonderful referral partner. Remember it has to work both ways, so you both have to have similar target markets. Now with that name in mind, don’t stop! Don’t pass go! Text that person right now with some available dates to get together. It will change your world.

Photo by Pixabay user Vilandrra