We’ve all done it.  We start a networking relationship with someone.  We might even have met for coffee or lunch.  We exchanged an email or a phone call or two and then…

… nothing

One or the other (or both) of us forgets to maintain the contact and the next thing you know, two years have gone by and you feel a nagging twinge of guilt each time you see that persons name.

Ah, well, what are you going to do?  It’s too late to get back in touch with them, right?

Maybe.  But then again, maybe not.

In reality, it’s a lot easier to revive a neglected relationship than it is to start a brand new one.  Putting forth just a little effort on your part now will mean all of your work in the past to develop the relationship will not have gone to waste.

Of course, if you had a valid reason for letting the relationship lapse (such as the other person turned out to be an axe-murderer), then just let sleeping dogs lie.

Assuming, though, that the relationship is worth saving, really all you have to do is call or email and say something to the effect of “Hey, Bob, I was just going through some old emails and I came across your name.  I apologize that I haven’t called you in a while.  What’s been going on lately?”  Remember, they haven’t called you either, so by making the first move, you are letting them off the hook

Nothing like making someone else feel good by letting them know you’ve been thinking about them.

So, make some time in your daily networking activities to renew some old acquaintances.  You’ll never know when one of them will say. “Y’know, I’m so glad you called.  I’m looking at a project right now that we could really use your help on.”

So, do you have any connections you could revive?