While this post is a bit tongue in cheek, I hope the underlying goals still speak to your heart.

I have a dream. It’s not a particularly grandiose or profound dream as some others you might have heard. Still, someday, I hope this dream comes true.

This is a networking dream.

I have a dream that someday I will walk into a networking event and no one will try to force their business card on me. I will look about and each person will be fully engaged with those around them and no one will be looking for someone better to talk with. Where once the conversations would revolve solely around what each person does for a living, now they would revolve around common points of interest outside of business.

The dream would continue after the event. No more would I hear of attendees being cold-called or email spammed just because they decided to show up. Instead those who met at the Chamber luncheon would now follow up for coffee or lunch to better learn about each other. They would forge fast friendships which would ultimately bring more profit than any single contract would have in the past.

In my dream, those who request referrals, both professional and personal, would be so specific and clear that their networking friends could not help but know the shortest path to the desired outcome. Ask and you shall receive, be asked and you shall give would be the law of the land. And never would a request exceed the level of friendship thus far developed.

It is a lofty goal I seek, but I think it would be a worthy one for us all to pursue. Imagine a world like this where we would all look forward to attending a networking event as would a small child anticipate a play date with his dearest friends. I tell you that we can achieve it. We have only to decide today so that tomorrow will dawn on a new and glorious networking day.

Photo credit: Gravity X9