My friend Luis Albright posted a link on Facebook to this article in The Telegraph. It was a story about how relative to their size, dogs brains have grown faster than cat brains. Of course, the supposition is that the larger the brain relative to the body size, the higher the potential intelligence. Whether you believe all of that or not, what I found interesting was the reason they gave for the dogs getting bigger brains than the cats — they are more social.

For some reason, being social selects for a larger brain. Perhaps maintaining ones self in a social group requires a greater mental agility. Or maybe interacting with others stimulates brain growth. Whatever the reason, the social dogs seem to be overtaking the solitary felines, at least in the brain weight category.

So, to draw grossly inaccurate conclusions from a study reported in the popular press, get out there and network if you want to get smarter. I know I’m always concerned that people will confuse me for a shaved chimp, so I’d better get back into my own “social lifestyle”.

Who knew that networking could not only make you more money, but also make you smarter to boot!

Photo credit: Martin K