It’s kind of funny to see some of the concepts of networking playing themselves out in real life, especially when it’s in an unexpected situation. In this case, my daughter, Kaylie, who is an amazing networker (as most children are) showed me the power of personal introductions. Here’s what happened.

We are down at Disney World for a family vacation. It was our second day here and we were exploring the Animal Kingdom. We were walking from one area to another when Kaylie suddenly spotted a familiar face.

“Baloo! Come back, Baloo!”

Yes, it was Baloo the Bear, from the movie “The Jungle Book”. She had met him last year when we were here and apparently still thought of him as a dear friend. Being a doting father, I got in line with her to so she could get re-acquainted with the furry guy. She was anxious to get to the front of the line — patience not yet being one of her many talents — and when her turn came, she ran into Baloo’s arms to give him a big hug.

Then there was a bit of an awkward moment.

You see, Baloo wasn’t alone. He had a partner with him that day — King Louie of the Apes. Well, Kaylie had never met King Louie and was a bit nonplussed whether to trust him or not. Baloo to the rescue. He made silent introductions and with that, Kaylie walked right over and gave King Louie a big hug, too, and they all became great friends.

It really is amazing how powerful a personal introduction can be. It could make the difference in getting the job or the client. It might even clear the way to making a new friend. So, remember this the next time someone makes a personal introduction for you. They should receive almost as big a thank you as someone who gives you the signed contract.

Also, remember that this is an excellent way to help others in your network. Take the time to find good matches for them among your other contacts and then make the introduction. Interconnecting you network in such a way can only make it grow stronger.

And a stronger network leads to greater success in the long run.