I’ve been going through my collection of digital photos lately (about 8 years worth or so).  I’ve been running some facial recognition software on them and taking time to look over the results.

It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve lost touch with.

Guess what, though?  I now have the perfect reason to contact them again.

“Hi, Bob!  This is Greg Peters.  We were in Leadership Ann Arbor together back in 2006.  I was just going through some pictures from then and saw your face and realized that we hadn’t talked in quite a while.  So what’s been up with you?”

You can use this same technique with old emails or actual paper letters.  Heck maybe even some paraphernalia from some particular time that reminds you of a particular person.  Whatever it takes, you can use it as an excuse to renew your contact.

Unless maybe you already have enough people in your network?

So, do you have any old photos lying around?