Continuing our series on good places to meet for one-to-ones, here are a few which you might not have considered.
  • Bookstore. Many bookstores now have cafes or coffee shops where you can meet and chat. The nice thing is that many folks don’t think of bookstores when they are searching for their caffeine fix. This means that you can usually find seating no matter what time you show up. In fact, there’s almost no downside to meeting at a bookstore coffee shop with the possible exception of feeling uncomfortable carrying on a conversation when there are books around.
  • Park. Like the great outdoors? Why not meet at your favorite picnic table near the river? This can actually be quite enjoyable if both parties share such an appreciation. Of course, the downsides can make it a bit difficult. You are at the mercy of the weather, so be sure to have a backup location in mind. Also, be sure to give or get very specific directions to your desired location (or meet in an obvious location such as a parking lot), lest the two of you get an opportunity to take a hike in the woods and never come in contact with each other.
  • Mall. In addition to the associated restaurants, coffee shops, and food courts which you can find in any shopping mall, most also have conversation seating strewn throughout the common areas. These can often be comfortable couches and chairs. They also usually have plenty of parking and are often located near major highways for easy access. The downsides to this locale are the younger visitors. You can find small children there almost any time of day and during the afternoons teenagers start showing up.
  • Chamber of Commerce. In their mission to support local businesses, many Chamber offices have meeting facilities available for their members. If you do happen to belong to your local Chamber, you may want to check whether they have such facilities.
Tomorrow we’ll touch on a few locations which may not work as well.