Greg_Speaking2If you are a meeting planner or an event organizer, would your members benefit from learning more efficient networking techniques? Would their lives be easier if they knew how to make and maintain long-term connections? Would your life be easier if they learned the value of being better members?

Regardless of the reason, whether as a keynote or as an interactive workshop, Greg’s presentations on good networking practice give the participants the tools to build the connections they need to create lives of success and significance.

Here are some of his popular programs. All are available in keynote, break out, and multi-day formats.

“Creating Connections with Success”

They say networking is the best way to grow your business, build your non-profit, or find a new career.

So, why isn’t it working?

This session will help participants recognize and avoid the three biggest mistakes in networking. They will also learn a five-point system to accelerate the process of creating long-term, powerful connections.

“Thriving at the Event”

One of the major reasons people fail at networking is…

They don’t show up in the first place.

Often the reason is that they are uncomfortable (sometimes panic-stricken) and just don’t want to do it. This session on thriving (not just surviving) at the networking event covers the before, during, and after. Participants will walk out with the tools, tips, and techniques which will make the networking event something to anticipate and not to dread.

“Mastering the Long-Term Connection”

Most people who attend networking events have nothing to show for it. That’s because they don’t understand that the event is only the beginning.

The most powerful networking happens after the event is over.

Become one of the top five percent and master the art of the long-term relationship – the when and how of follow-up, what to do with all those business cards, and how to get past the first conversation trap.

The power of the network is in the long-term.

“Asking for the Referral”

You’ve built that powerful network. You’ve invested in the long-term relationships.

Now, how do you get it to pay off?

You didn’t build your network just because you love sitting down to coffee with new people. You built it as a resource to support your goals in both your personal and professional life. Learn the 5-step process to asking for and receiving whatever you might need without begging or damaging the relationship.

For more information about hiring Greg to speak at your next event, contact him at gpeters@thereluctantnetworker.com or call 734-975-1921.