As I write, I’m still feeling a bit uncomfortable with the amount I ate during Thanksgiving dinner — about eight hours ago. It was a delicious meal and it was wonderful having a quiet family gathering. Not surprisingly, this time of year makes me think of all the things for which I’m grateful. If that happens for you, too, take a moment to appreciate your many blessings in your heart. Then go one step further and express that appreciation to everyone who made those blessings possible.

Thank your wonderful spouse who made you your favorite Thanksgiving dinner. Tell her how much you love her for her thoughtfulness. Then be sure to thank your mom who introduced the two of you.

Thank your clients for making this a great business year. Then thank all those people in your network who gave you the referrals and introductions to those clients. Then thank all of the people who introduced you to those people.

If you attend an event, be sure to thank the speaker for taking the time to make a gift of her knowledge and wisdom. Then thank the event organizer who took his time to find that speaker. Then thank the person who first invited you as a guest to the group.

If we take the time to show gratitude for the smallest acts others have done for us, it’s more likely that more blessings will continue to appear in our lives. Also as we continue to appreciate those many blessings, we’ll find ourselves maintaining a more upbeat and optimistic attitude. Strangely enough, the more positive we are, the more people want to be around us and get to know us which will lead to even more benefits headed our way.

In many ways, just learning to say “thank you” can be the catalyst that grows our network beyond believe.