I think I’m on page 3

My good friend Sandy Pirwitz, Assistant Director and Trainer for BNI commented on my post of a couple of days ago regarding other networking opportunities afforded by the various social media sites. Her whole comment is great, but there was a specific part that stood out to me. She said:

…For example, promoting or recommending your BNI chapter members’ products or services on your wall may generate referrals.

This brought to mind one of the best ways to let people know that you are keeping them in mind: Use their favorite words. And I don’t mean “Abracadabra”, “Presto-change-o”, or even “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious“.

I mean, of course, their name.

In general, people love to see something complimentary written about them. If there’s a chance that they might be in a multi-page article, they will likely scan the whole thing first looking for that brief mention before returning to the beginning and reading the whole missive (if they even bother with that).

So where are some areas where we can make out connections into the center of attention?

  • Mention them in your Facebook status. This applies to any of the other social media sites, too. Facebook even has a nice feature where you can type “@” followed by their name in your status and it will automatically notify them that they were tagged. 
  • Recommend them on any of the social media sites. LinkedIn is especially good for this, but Facebook fan pages also have a “Review” tab that can serve the same purpose.
  • “Retweet” them on Twitter. If one of the people you follow on Twitter mentions something particularly profound or helpful, retweet it to all your followers.
  • Talk about them in your blog. If they are doing something cool or different, or particularly effective, talk about it. Mention them by name. Link back to their site.
  • Write about them in your newsletter. Whether it’s electronic or an old-fashioned dead tree edition, they will know that the recipients probably saw that article about them.
I’m sure there are more opportunities out there. Keep an eye out for any chance to bring them out front and center. Oh, and don’t be surprised if they start looking for opportunities to do the same for you.

Photo credit: Matt Callow