My friend Scott Ginsberg, a master on the topic of approachability, maintains that writing is the basis for all wealth. Writing down our thoughts forces us to clarify them. Jotting down our plans helps us discover the flaws so that we can have a better chance of succeeding. Putting pen to page (or fingers to keyboard) allows us to teach and entertain and convince those who care to read what we’ve recorded. As far as networking goes, writing is a means to give with no expectation of return.

So, what have you written today?

Try a few of these on for size:

Newsletter: This could be one that you send out regularly or you could offer to be a guest author for someone else.

Blog: With most of the blogging sites available, you can get started within minutes. Just pick a topic and get writing. The trick with blogging (as with most writing) is to be consistent. I’m an every day kind of guy myself, but once a week is more than sufficient as long as you are consistent.

Testimonial: Have you had particularly good service lately? Write a glowing testimonial and send it out to the stellar party. Let them know that you think they’re aces.

Gratitude Note: This is basically an opportunity for you to let someone know how profoundly they’ve affected your life.

Free Article: There are services out on the net which allow you to post articles regarding just about any topic for anyone to use in a publication (with attribution). The more articles you make available on a topic, the more likely you are to be viewed as an expert.

Award Nomination: Every community has awards for its members. In this case, we aren’t looking for recognition for ourselves. We are looking for opportunities to make someone else the center of attention. Nominating someone for a prestigious award is a great way to strengthen a relationship. After all, you’ll have to spend some serious time with them in order to fill out the nomination information.

Book: OK, this is kind of the “Holy Grail” of writing, but people do write books every day. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could count yourself among them?

Most people don’t care to write. That’s why those who do so, tend to stand out. Writing doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Just spend a little time each day. Even just a few sentences a day will get you into the habit.  Before you know it, the messages you convey will lead you to deeper relationships and a much wider circle who recognize your name — both factors which can indeed lead to wealth.

Photo credit: Julien Tromeur