OK, obviously you can’t track “everything”, but I would recommend tracking as much as possible about your networking efforts.  As a technically minded person, you know that those things that are measured get improved.

Right now I track at least the following:

  1. Those people I intend to call/email/meet each day and the information gleaned as a result of those contacts.
  2. Promises made as a result of those contacts.
  3. When the last time I met someone in person and where.
  4. Whether the last call resulted in an actual voice-to-voice conversation, a voicemail, or a message left with a receptionist.
  5. Birthdays, anniversaries, other special days.
  6. Notes, emails, articles I send out.
  7. Whether someone receives my newsletter
  8. Whether I know their birthday.
  9. Evaluations of my networking style whether at an event, on the phone, or via any other medium.
  10. Whether I am connected with a person via LinkedIn or Facebook
  11. Whether I make a sale and who referred it to me.
  12. Etc, etc, etc.

The more you are able to record, the better you will understand the success of your style of networking.

What pieces of information do you record about your networking activities?