I mentioned not too long ago that I had visited with my new friend, Lois Weinblatt, Lead Concierge at the Zingerman’s Professional Presents department. Lois is an amazingly accomplished networker — able to make anyone she meets feel special and appreciated. She showed that when, not long after my visit with her, she sent me an invitation to the Zingerman’s Mail Order open house.

Yes, of course I went. I’m not stupid.

What made the invitation special was how she addressed the envelope. She had written it out to “Greg Peters, Cheese Lover & Superhero-In-Residence”. It was a little thing. She remembered that I enjoyed their one-year aged cheddar and that I had “Superhero-in-Residence” as my title on my business card. Still, such a little thing meant that she was sending the invitation to me, not just to one more person on her mailing list.

It’s amazing how much those little things can help strengthen the relationship. To that end, we should be looking for opportunities to show our connections that we care through those small actions. A distinctive address is only one possibility. If someone is visiting you at your office, you might make a point of having their favorite coffee available. Maybe you could suggest you meet at their favorite restaurant for your next one-to-one. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, names of spouses, children, and pets — these are all great opportunities to show that you are aware of and interested in them as a person.

Keep your eyes open for the opportunities and let your creativity find the form. You’d be surprised how much something as simple as an address on an envelope can mean.

Sometimes the littlest things carry the greatest weight.