I love to meet others in the area who do what I do. Marketing companies who do website design, dedicated Web professionals, programmers — I want to know who they all are. After all you’ve got to know the competition so you can beat them, right?

Well, for me, not so much.

The main reason I want to meet and get to know them is so I refer business to them. The more I know about them, their business and their perfect clients, the better I will be with those referals. After all, I certainly can’t do everything. I’m already frequently booked months in advance. What kind of networker would I be if I couldn’t point prospects to someone who can take care of their specific needs in a timely manner?

In a way, I guess I don’t have any competition.  I’ve just got colleagues, subcontractors, and friends who make my life and business easier to run.

I hope you are as fortunate.