“Nonstop Networking” by Andrea Nierenberg is one of the rare books that I started reading some time ago and never got around to finishing. For whatever reason, something interrupted me and I never managed to pick it up again — until recently, that is.

Nierenberg covers a lot of the networking basics that I write about and maybe that’s why I allowed myself to wander away from reading this book. The first half felt like a review of a lot of the things I’d read before or had learned in several classes. For the new networker, though, these chapters would be invaluable.

The second half of the book is where I found a lot of the meat for me. In particular, she has a whole chapter on the etiquette of various aspects of networking which I found to be fairly complete and a good reminder of some of the basics that we should always be keeping in mind when dealing with other people.

In general, if you are an experienced networker, I wouldn’t bother purchasing this book. It really isn’t targeted toward you.  If, however, you are new to the world of networking, you could do worse than picking this one up for a primer on the beginning concepts.