The miracles and magic in my life

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.”
~ Jon Bon Jovi

My wife is a genius.

Seriously. Not only does she have a PhD in molecular biology, run her own business, and keep this family on target, she also somehow manages to have a positive outlook on everything. I want to be the person she sees in me.

The other day we were going through our schedules for the holiday season. The more we talked the more exhausted I felt about everything. I remember thinking, I used to look forward to this time. Why am I resenting it now? I think Elizabeth noticed my attitude. She said, “Let’s add one more thing to the list.” I sighed.

“Look for the miracles and magic.”

With that one phrase she reminded me that the joy of this season isn’t from some external source, but rather it’s about us being aware of the magic that goes on all around us. More than that, it’s about being truly grateful for those miraculous moments.

The funny thing is, the same is true of networking. So often we get bogged down in whether we are seeing the results we want, whether the person we are about to meet for coffee can really do anything to help us, even whether it’s worth the trouble.

It is. We simply need to be looking for the miracles and magic.

Of course you like it when someone connects you with an opportunity. No denying that and, of course, we should express our gratitude. What about when someone gives us a new way of looking at things? A new idea on how to better run our business or even some ideas on how to have a more successful life? What about those times we get to share a laugh or even a tear over coffee with a kindred spirit? Aren’t these, too, little miracles?

Sometimes it’s our spirit, not our bottom line, that needs the help.

Take a moment in the days and weeks ahead. Reflect on all the miracles and magic you’ve received from the people in your life. Whether it’s the family you were born into or the one that you chose, take some time to reach out and say “Thank you”.

And don’t be surprised when those people turn right around and give you more miraculous and magical moments to savor.

What miracles and magic have you received from your network?