OK, this is an easy one.

When you meet someone at an event, remember their name. Specifically remember their name as they gave it to you, not necessarily as it is on their name badge. If he introduces himself as “Bob”, then call him “Bob”, not “Robert”. If she says “Elizabeth”, don’t assume she responds to “Liz”.

“But I’m horrible with names!” I hear you say.

That’s fine, but it’s no excuse. Get better. If you think about it, during any given event, you are only going to meet four or five people. At first, just focus on getting those first names. Almost anyone can remember four or five first names. Repeat them to yourself. Repeat them out loud. Do whatever you need to do, just remember them.

Then as you get more comfortable, throw in the last names. Maybe include their company name. How impressed would they be if you remembered what they told you about their perfect client?

I’ve heard there are books and other programs out there that can help with memory. A lot of them. Get one. Study it. Use it.

Now, when you see them again at the event, say hello and use their name. Just that simple action will make you stand out and go a long way toward establishing a strong relationship right from the start.

Photo credit: magerleagues