It’s time for the monthly Chamber breakfast meeting. You’ve been attending faithfully for months, but today you just can’t get up the enthusiasm to go. As you trot out your list of excuses to stay home, remember two little words.

“So what?”

I never get anything out of those meetings.
So what? Come up with a better goal of how you are going to give. Your getting only happens after you prove that you provide value.

I know Bob is skipping it to go on vacation. I hate attending without Bob.
So what? You already know Bob. Take a chance to meet someone new.

I’m not going to know anyone there.
So what? That’s why you are going — to meet new people.

I already know everyone there.
So what? Either there will be someone new to meet or you can re-connect with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

I don’t need to go, since I can just get the list of attendees later.
So what? Being there in person is ten times more effective.

I have a lot of other work I need to get done.
So what? If you don’t network consistently, you won’t have to worry about having too much work in the future.

I’m really too tired to go.
So what? They will have coffee there.

I have a lot of other excuses.
So what? None of them compares to the importance of showing your interest and support for the organization in person. Kick yourself in the seat of your pants and get moving.

So, what’s your excuse?