They say, every once in a while, we should count our blessings. We really need to appreciate all we have in our lives and know that we need to be good stewards of all the good things we have.

I also like to count my networking blessings. Similarly, it helps remind me to take care of my connections and do all I can to help them in return.

What are some of the great things I’ve received through my network?

  1. Our new basement. Backyard neighbors passed along out contractor’s information.
  2. My 10-year marriage. My mom (yes, she’s a part of my network) introduced me to my lovely bride.
  3. About 90% of my clients in my old business. In fact, most of them I can trace back through a chain of referral back to my original freelance project.
  4. About 90% of my clients in my current business. A few show up at my workshops after reading about them or contact me out of the blue to speak at their organization, but most are from talking with someone else who’s attended.
  5. My radio spots on WLBY. Thanks to Mike Wynn for making that connection.
  6. My column in the Ann Arbor News. Thanks to Jenn Cornell for the introduction.
  7. My 16-year history with Keith Hafner’s Karate. I wouldn’t have known about them without a friend.
  8. Our nanny, Miss Beth, who has cared for our children for the last six years. Where would we be if one of my networking contacts hadn’t connected us with his daughter-in-law?
  9. Numerous radio and television interviews. So many opportunities that I didn’t even have to ask for.

You probably have one or two good things that have happened with the assistance of someone else. Take a moment to make a list.

Then take another to thank them.

Image by openclipart user dkdlv