That is not my flight

I glanced at the information board over my gate. My flight time was now thirty minutes later than originally scheduled.

Mildly frustrating, but time to sit and think.

I can read a book. I can get some other activities done (like writing this post). I can even chat with the ticket agent, the baggage handler, and the TSA folks (it’s a small airport). I know, even though there’s a little delay now, sooner or later, my plane or another will arrive and I will be on my way back home.

Of course, if I discovered my flight was never going to come, I might be a lot more upset.

I think this is what causes a lot of frustration for new networkers. They attend the events. They go to coffee with their contacts. They might even ask for help. When the results don’t appear when they expect them to (which usually means right away), they get upset and think that networking doesn’t work.

The best thing to do is adopt the “waiting at the airport” mentality. Yes, the results aren’t here right now, but — assuming you keep pursuing your networking activities — eventually the results will show up. In the meantime, read a book, get some work done, and make connections with those around you.

It’s only a delay.